COVID-19 continues to have a devastating effect on private practice. So how do you overcome the economic and financial challenges this crisis presents? And how do you ensure you’re making the right decisions to future proof your practice?

Join our subject matter experts and hear their insights in an interactive webinar covering key topics including:

  • Should you change your business structure?
  • Leasing or buying rooms, is this for you?
  • How do you mitigate loss of critical services in the event of a crisis?
  • Financial markets outlook

We’ll discuss the best ways to keep your business structures, processes, strategies and money matters as simple as possible with our expert panel.


Michael Waycott  – Director of financial services firm the Bongiorno Group, who for over 56 years have been helping medical professionals grow, manage and protect their wealth.

Simon Farmer – The Managing Director and Founder of Walshs in Brisbane.

Joanne Costa – The Senior Manager Resilience Services for RiskLogic, the leading provider of resilience services for the public, private and not for profit sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Julian Muldoon – Director and Founding Partner of 1Group Property Advisory, experts in property strategy and acquisition for the health care sector.