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We will work side by side with you from the moment we create your strategy and begin your search to the day you get the keys to your property. We take the time to learn and analyse your needs and make recommendations based on your individual goals and purchasing power. We are experts on property markets and can advise you on neighbourhoods, trends, and values. We will help you understand what you are able to afford, what kinds of properties suit your needs, and what might be the best value for you now and in the long run.


Our obligation free initial meeting, which can be facilitated remotely or face to face, will allow you to get to know more about the way we conduct our business and give you further insight into the experience of your property adviser.

Most importantly, it allows us the opportunity to analyse your financial and personal objectives to ensure that any future recommendations are aligned and tailored to your individual circumstances.


The Statement of Recommendations is a report to help you refine the criteria for your property search. We will determine your property profile which, in addition to your investment experience and financial position, will define our search parameters.

To help you visualise our recommendations, you will be provided with sample cashflows, alternative strategies and snapshots of approved suburbs that we believe match your search criteria as well as examples of recently sold properties.


Once we have finalised the Statement of Recommendations, we will commence the property search on your behalf by exploring both on and off market opportunities.

Every recommendation will be accompanied by a comprehensive Property Report containing a thorough inspection of the short-listed property, demographic data, infrastructure information, neighbourhood analysis, school catchments, cashflow projections, council zoning, target valuation and all key growth drivers.


Once you have approved the purchase of the recommended property we will then commence the offer process. Depending on the method of sale, we will attend auction, tender offers or negotiate on your behalf within the target value range set in the PIR.

The negotiation is not only restricted to price but to any terms requested by you prior to the negotiating process, such as extended settlements and finance clauses.


Once your offer has been accepted, we will act as a liaison for all your professional advisers, providing them with a central point of contact for queries relating to the purchase. We will also facilitate any pre-settlement inspections (e.g. Pest & Building, Strata) on your behalf.

For investment purchases, we will also commence the process of sourcing and negotiating with a suitable rental agent to manage your property.


Once your property has settled, there are a few final activities to carry out. 1Group will continue dealing with your chosen property manager until you have a tenant, order depreciation tax schedules, facilitate pest control and treatment services and organise post settlement cleaning where required.

Should the property require any construction work, we can arrange this through our construction management division.