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At 1Group, we pride ourselves on being experts in property advice for the health care sector.

Over the years, we noticed the significant impact we had from the work we did with our health specialist clients mainly due to their strong interest in property, time poor nature and often high incomes which tended to increase the risk and reward of their decisions.

By helping them build legacy wealth for their families through smart property investment, we developed an understanding of the support and advice they also needed when establishing a private practice, child care, aged care or disability service.

We are experts in guiding investors in the health sector with navigating the challenges and rewards that commercial property and residential conversions can bring.


"Tal and his new team have helped us purchase an investment property interstate. Their support and knowledge have been amazing. We are keen to work with them again."

Dr. Genevieve Brady

"I highly recommend Julian and his team at 1Group Property Advisory for any commercial property purchase. As an osteopathic doctor, I was looking to expand my clinic and after talking to numerous property developers and agents, I found they were all overpricing their properties, knowing I was a time poor professional with very little knowledge and leverage to get a better deal. After engaging Julian to help me purchase a commercial property, he immediately negotiated a significantly lower price for the property and furthermore, also secured having some of my building costs covered by the developer."


"I have known and worked with Tal Eloss for over ten years. He is very thoughtful and thorough with his client advice and has helped me find and purchase four investment properties. In each case we have been totally satisfied with the process. There is never any pressure, and I have always felt confident that I was getting a great investment at a very sharp price. As a result, our portfolio is very solid."


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Tal. He and his team went above and beyond expectations when I was buying my first property. They are not only efficient, but also highly professional. They consider your personal financial situation and take it seriously. I would highly recommend Tal and his team for anyone, especially any first home buyer."


"Outstanding service. Highly recommended! I would never purchase a property without Julian's help. Practical and prompt advice. Friendly and down to earth. It's crucial to keep the selling agent at arm's length to avoid their selling tactics and emotional manipulation."


"1 Group have an efficient team who undertake thorough research and communicate exceptionally well. The process of buying an investment property with their expert input, in a market unfamiliar to me, gave me great confidence once the right property came along."


"Julian and his team are fantastic to work with. Communication with them from day one has been seamless and easy. They saved us from the stress and time required to acquire a property. I highly recommend Julian and his team. "


"I bought my home through 1Group. Being a busy healthcare professional doesn’t leave you with much spare time to go through properties and attend endless inspections and auctions. But Julian made it all possible for me to keep doing what I am good at and leave this to someone who is better at it than me.”"


Services for Health and Medical Professionals

1. Location Strategy

The research and analysis we provide on geographic locations is what sets 1Group apart. Whether you are expanding, setting up for the first time or relocating an existing practice, we can assist you in choosing the ideal location. We will examine key drivers such as demographics, medicare data, competitor analysis, patient heat mapping, referrer heat mapping, population changes, zoning analysis and provide an interpretation that we can then overlay with an appropriate property strategy.

2. Site Search and Due Diligence

The site you operate from not only determines the longevity and future value of your practice but represents one of the largest investments you will ever make. We explore pre-market, on-market and off-market opportunities, proactively research lease expiry data and ensure all key agents in the areas of scope know exactly what to look for. Whether it’s assessing planning, competition, parking, signage, fit-out, permits, exposure, transport, outgoings, pricing, demographics or growth drivers we have team to ensure you approach your acquisition with the utmost confidence.

3. Pricing and Negotiations

We have in house pricing experts so we know the real value of a site prior to negotiation. Our involvement protects you from agent tactics and affords you anonymity to ensure you are not 'priced by profession' and your financial parameters remain confidential. Similarly, leasing is fraught with danger with no two leases ever being alike. While many prospective tenants focus on negotiating financial incentives we focus on the most important aspect of lease negotiation which is securing favourable terms that ensure the viability, security and flexibility for the future of your practice.

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